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Edinburgh Castle

The city's distinctive skyline is dominated by Edinburgh Castle, perched on the dramatic lava crag of a long-extinct volcano.

Perhaps the Premier tourists attraction in Edinburgh is the magnificant Edinburgh Castle - with over one million visitors a year it remains one of the most popular attractions in Europe. The seat and birthplace of many a Scottish King (and Queen), the castle is only 15 minutes walk from our Guest House, and is an essential visit for any tourist new to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle is visited annually by approximately one million people - if we except the Tower of London that is more people than visit any other ancient monument in the United Kingdom. Every visitor - particularly those on a restricted itinerary - should visit the Castle, not only because of the historical interest of this remarkable fortress and former royal residence, but because it offers such splendid panoramic views of the city. It is from these battlements, for example, that the traveller immediately appreciates the dramatic topography of Edinburgh, situated between sea and hills.

The oldest building in all Edinburgh is to be found within the Castle precincts. It is St. Margaret's Chapel, a tiny Norman building which has been standing there intact for more than 900 years.