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Harley Davidson
Providing a huge range of new and approved used Harley-Davidson and Buell Motorcycles, we are Scotland's Premier Dealership. We have state of the art service and repair facilities on site, with the full range of 100% genuine parts and accessories available for all models from Sportster to Dyna Glide. Most importantly we have the latest range of Harley-Davidson & Buell Motorclothes helmets, leathers, t-shirts, boots, goggles, collectables and much more. Only 5 minutes from 23 Mayfield

The history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle began in Milwaukee in 1903. In Milwaukee, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. Around the turn of the century the gasoline engine was developed and the one-cylinder motor was introduced. In 1901 the Indians were the first motorcycles and in 1903 Mitschell, Merkel and Yale.
This motorcycle was initially built for racing and was powered by a one-cylinder gasoline combustion engine.

In 1903 in Milwaukee, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. It was a reliable and even a beautiful cycle. And ... someone bought it !! In 1905 they had made 11 motorcycles, in 1908 it were 154 and ... they had a company, in a little wooden barn, that was build by Davidson's father.

The small company extended quickly and another member of the Davidson family, William, joined them. In no time they hired about 20 employees in an especcially build stone-factory.

In 1909 Bill Harley made a project of the first 1000 CC V-Twin. It produced a modest seven horsepower. The 45-degree V-twin would become one of the more recognizable images of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This V-Twin stayed with HD for a long, long time. Maybe it's hard to believe, but Harley-Davidson didn't invent the V-twin !! When Bill Harley developed one, he just followed the tendency of the time.

1910 brought the legendary "Bar and Shield" logo that was placed on their motorcycle. This would become the defining symbol of Harley-Davidson to this day. Numerous first place winnings in races, endurance contests and hill climbs give Harley-Davidson more recognition.
The "F-head" engine is introduced in 1911. It will be the power workhorse until 1929, when the "Flathead" engine is introduced.

The year 1912 saw further growth of the Harley-Davidson Company. Construction began on a new 6-story factory. Harley-Davidson also became an exporter this year and their first overseas sale was made in Japan. In the states there were now over 200 dealerships.

1914 saw the addition on the sidecar to the Harley-Davidson. The Company also formally put their hand in the ring of motorcycle racing this year and would soon dominate the sport and become known as the "Wrecking Crew".

In 1991, The Dyna line of Harley-Davidson's was introduced with the FXDB Dyna Glide Sturgis. 1994 saw the jump of Harley-Davidson into the Superbike racing with the VR1000. The VR1000 featured a dual overhead cam and a liquid cooled engine and showed that Harley-Davidson was not fully averse to manufacturing a race inspired sport bike.

In 1996 a state of the art Parts and Accessories distribution plant was opened in Franklin, Wisconsin. The following year a new Product Development Center opened in Milwaukee. Also in 1997, a 330,000 square foot plant in Kansas City made its first Sportster. In 1998, assembly operations were taking place in another part of the world, Brazil. In the year 2001 Fuel injection was available on the Softail models.

These days, in America, Harley Davidson owns 62 % of the market of motorcycles with 850 CC or more!!

Harleys are, just like porches, funn stuff for people with money and appearance. So, "rich" customers rule the market. It could have been tempting for Harley Davidson to participate in this commercial hype, but when the hype is over, they know the company will still be there and will still sell motorcycles ... because of the loyal followers.

For these people, despite of age and appearance, a Harley is the one and only. It is an obviously arrogant, massive and cool cycle, without doing its best for it. However, Harleys aren't the fastest and manageable cycles, riding a Harley is uncomparable with riding any other bike ...

Triumph showroom boasts the full range of new Triumph motorcycles alongside a massive selection of used bikes in our neighboring shop. We also have the largest selection of Triumph clothing in Scotland, from casual to riding gear. Our workshop is staffed by skilled, Triumph factory-trained technicians and is backed by a well-stocked parts department which offers a wide selection of service items and accessories. Again only 5 minutes from 23 Mayfield

The History


In 1884, S. Bettmann & Co. Import Export Agency of London started selling bicycles.

By 1986 the name Bettmann had been replaced with the name Triumph. The company is called "The Triumph Cycle Company".

In 1888, Triumph aquire a factory in Coventry to manufacture its own bicycles. By 1902 the first Triumph motorcycle is manufactured. Then by 1905 the first all-Triumph is produced. It is also the first all British motorcycle. It goes on the market for 45 pounds.

Production of the Triumph motorcycle had reached up to 3,000 per annum by 1909. Triumph was manufacturing 4,000 unites by By 1914.

During 1915 to 18, Triumph manufacturing was focused on the war effort. About 30,000 Model H bikes were supplied to the Allied Forces.

In 1920 an enlarged version of the Junior is built under license in Germany and the USA.

By 1925 Triumph employs over 3,000 people and is manufacturing up to 30,000 motorcycle units a year.

In 1937 the 500cc Speed Twinis introducd and sells at 75 pounds.

After the war, Civilian manufacturing resumes at Meriden. In 1948 Triumph will release its first trail bike.

Triumph celebrates its 21st birthday at the Hotel Leofric in Coventry in 1957.

By 1967 28,700 Triumphs are sold in the USA. To commemorate Queen Elizabeths 25 years on the Throne, the limited edition Silver Jubilee T140V is released.e

In 1984 the Meriden factory is torn down. Then by 1990, six new Triumph motorcycle models are shown in the Cologne Motor Cycle Show. In 1994 Triumph motorcycle has re-entered the competition ring. In 1996 work starts on the second Triumph factory.

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