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23 Mayfield Weddings



Weddings at 23 MayfieldScottish weddings in Edinburgh are marriages made in heaven. So make our accommodation as a base point for your wedding of your dreams right here in Edinburgh and enjoy a wedding you will never forget with a wide choice of churches and venues, and local mouthwatering Scottish cuisine, celtic entertainment, excitement, intimacy and romance in the most beautiful city in the world - Edinburgh!

Choose from a huge variety of high quality wedding venues in Edinburgh, including being married in Edinburgh Castle itself, or at sumptuous Prestonfield to provide a perfect wedding of any size from 2 to 2000! Glass House Hotel, Caledonian Hilton, Balmoral Hotel, Minto Hotel, Point hotel, Witchery by the Castle and many more!

Until very recently a choice of marriage venue was open to couples choosing religious marriages for a number of years, but never to brides and grooms-to-be who want a civil ceremony. Now, taking advantage of the recent change in the law allowing civil ceremonies to take place in hotels and other selected venues, you can now hold your marriage service, civil or religious in a mouthwatering array of Edinburgh hotels and venues.

The preliminaries are the same whether you plan to have a religious or a civil marriage ceremony.